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3 Challenges in e-learning content creation (and how to avoid them)
Learn how to overcome the most common challenges in e-learning content creation.
How to create a training module: Your step-by-step guide
Get expert tips on how to develop a training module step by step and give your learners interactive and engaging…
70-20-10 in practice
How to create and implement 70:20:10 development plan
The 70:20:10 model has been a popular learning model since the 1980s, but how can L&D apply it in practice…
How the 70:20:10 rule applies to business innovation
In business, there are two variants of the 70:20:10 model – managing innovation and education. In this article, we'll look…
How to create interactive training modules step by step
With a user-friendly authoring tool, anyone can create interactive and engaging training content.
learning outcome
The difference between “learning objectives” and “learning outcomes”
This article discusses the differences between "learning objectives" and "learning outcomes" and why it’s important to understand them, so you…
training program
How to create an effective training program in 7 steps
In business, there are not a lot of guarantees. However, a few years back, a study by the American Society…
how to beat the forgetting curve
How to beat the forgetting curve
Long-term retention of learning is hard to achieve through one-off learning events/courses. That’s because, all too often, we forget what…
how and why share knowledge
The importance of knowledge sharing
Sharing your knowledge through an e-learning course is a great initiative, but it only adds real value if you have…
5 tips on how to create a customer service training program
Great customer service can lead to higher customer retention rates and better satisfaction overall.
Assessment types
Different types of e-learning assessments and questions
Assessments help you evaluate your learners’ or colleagues' understanding of a subject and in turn, help you refine the learning…
how to write an elearning course
Tips for writing an e-learning course with high learning impact
When it comes to e-learning, less is more. Authors should avoid creating courses or assessments that are too large for…
learning objectives
How to write learning objectives effectively
Using learning objectives is the first and probably most important cornerstone for e-learning course creation. What will your learners know…
create courses following these steps
Follow these three easy steps to create high-impact courses
We’ve put together this simple three-step process, which you can follow whenever you create a course.
writing learning objectives
3 Easy steps to writing learning objectives
The most effective trainers are those who can guide the whole learning process from the very beginning. And the best…
NPS survey
Optimize your e-learning with the learner satisfaction survey
When it comes to the effectiveness of your e-learning course, assessment results can only tell you so much. So we…
implementing egl
5 tips for implementing Employee-generated Learning
Moving towards Employee-generated Learning is not easy, but the recommendations and tips shared in this article can help you ensure…
70-20-10 employee-generated learning
Implementing 70:20:10 framework with Employee-generated-learning
70:20:10 can be an effective learning model for your organization and Employee-generated Learning can be a powerful method of fostering…
blended classroom
What is a blended classroom and how to design it?
Research has shown that a blended approach to learning improves both quality and quantity. So what is blended learning and…
results tracking
Best ways to track results in e-learning
Creating engaging, effective and didactically-sound courses is probably your main priority when it comes to creating e-learning, but tracking how…
How to create courses
How to create e-learning courses in 5 simple steps
Scalability, cost-savings, flexibility, engagement, the benefits of e-learning are countless when compared to traditional classroom methods. E-learning, or online learning,…
monthly training session blended learning
Monthly training session: Blended learning
In our latest monthly training session, we spoke with Electrolux and LECOM to discuss how they’re using a blended learning…
rich interactions
Monthly training session: Building rich interactions
Learners don’t always want to sit through a formal training course. Often, they have neither time nor patience to be…
course reviews
Monthly training session: Course reviews
In our monthly training session, we asked our customers to send in their courses to be reviewed by our e-learning…
Bite size
Learn the optimal size for e-learning design: Bite size is the right size
When it comes to e-learning, less is more. Authors should avoid creating courses or assessments that are too large for…
Dyslexie font added to Easygenerator to assist learners with Dyslexia
The Station Rotation model of blended learning has seen success & popularity worldwide. But what are the benefits & limitations…