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aicc e-learning
AICC vs SCORM: Definitions and differences
We’ll provide a quick guide to get you up to speed on AICC. We’ll also explain why it’s such an…
cmi5 lms
Cmi5: What is it and why do you need it? Cmi5 vs. SCORM
Right when you thought e-learning technology couldn’t get any more sophisticated after the roll-out of Experience API (or xAPI), along…
What’s the difference between an authoring tool and an LMS?
If you’re new to e-learning or considering upgrading your existing e-learning tools, it's important to fully understand the options you'll…
SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004
There are two versions of SCORM available on the market: SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004, but what is the difference?…
How to launch a Learning Management System
To launch your new Learning Management System, follow these six steps.
12 Must-have LMS features for e-learning
What makes a good Learning Management System (LMS)? We've compiled a list of 12 key features to look out for.
LMS vs CMS vs LCMS — What are the differences?
Know the difference between a Learning Management System, a Content Management System, and a Learning Content Management System?
e-learning for Mac
The best e-learning software for Mac
Did you know that Mac users now have access to practically all the same e-learning tools and resources available to…
Tectonic shifts in L&D tools
The 4 tectonic shifts in L&D: tools, systems, and platforms
In this second part, we’ll focus on how L&D trends will impact the learning systems and platforms that are currently…
EGL creation
Creation: Making it easier for employees to generate and share their content
We know how difficult it can be sometimes to get started. Easygenerator, therefore, follows a number of basic steps designed…
Initiation - EGL
Initiation: Equipping your employees with the right tools
Lew Platt, Hewlett-Packard’s CEO, hit the nail on the head when he said: “If only HP knew what HP knows,…
Content for LXPs
How to get meaningful content for your LXP
Many companies are adding a Learning eXperience Platform (LXP) to their suite of e-learning tools. But where do you get…
Brandon Hall Tech Award 2019
Easygenerator wins 2019 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Award
Easygenerator has won the silver 2019 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Award for Best Advance in Technology for Testing or…
do you need an lms
Do you need an LMS?
Learning management systems - or LMS - have been core to the e-learning industry since the 1990s. But L&D is…
what is scorm compliant
What is SCORM-compliant? Benefits and requirements
For many companies who are new to e-learning, it can be difficult to decide if you want to build SCORM-compliant…
What are the differences between SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can) when it comes to course transfer
To date, it is still the standard for result tracking, but the latest version of SCORM (2004) is already 15-years-old.…
authoring tools
7 types of e-learning authoring tools – Explore their pros & cons
If your organization is in the market for a new e-learning authoring tool, it can be tough to find the…
The LMS in 2019
An LMS handles the management and delivery of learning content. Does this definition of an LMS still reflect today's learning…
tips for first online course
3 things you need to know before creating your first online course
The growth in e-learning authoring tools has been one of the most useful developments in L&D for the past couple…
How xAPI is changing learning as we know it
As learning becomes increasingly digitized, the need for a reliable interoperability standard and specification has never been so great. Enter…
Dyslexie font added to Easygenerator to assist learners with Dyslexia
The Station Rotation model of blended learning has seen success & popularity worldwide. But what are the benefits & limitations…
authoring tool deep dive
Authoring tools deep dive: What do users create with Easygenerator?
Authoring tools are used for lots of different types of learning content, but can we detect a trend within large…
12 edtech tools
12 tools for getting ahead with Employee-generated Learning
How can L&D teams find the right solution while also keeping up with their companies' fast-paced, business-driven learning needs? The…
6 questions authoring tool
6 questions to ask before choosing an e-learning authoring tool
With literally hundreds of options available, it can be tricky choosing an e-learning authoring tool that’s right for your needs…
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