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We are The Generators

A mix of techies, teachers and designers with a passion for sharing knowledge. Constantly improving ways to create, consume and share, we put in the hard work so it’s easy for you.

A Unique Blend of Characters
Years combined learning experience
Outstanding table tennis players
Fresh eggs given by our CEO per week
  • Our Manifesto

Easy is hard.


It’s easy to overthink.
It’s easy to dumb down.
It’s easy to make things more complex.
It’s easy to underestimate what goes into making something easy.


The most difficult result to master is easy, yet smart.
Easy doesn’t mean less, it means less effort for you, not us.


As Generators, we challenge convention
We ask why and question why not
We study how people learn
We listen to what organizations need
and combine your input with our expertise
to offer smart solutions for sharing knowledge
We obsess over our products because you shouldn’t.
We just make them work, easily.


We are Easygenerator

Our mantra
We Own
We Challenge
We Experiment
Want to shape the future of learning?

We’re always on the lookout for fellow Generators. Are you a learning expert, master coder, curious creative or the ultimate wingman? Tell us about your own unique abilities.

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