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Kasper Spiro
A La Carte Model
The A La Carte model of blended learning allows your learners the freedom to decide their learning path. But what…
how to beat the forgetting curve
Kasper Spiro
How to beat the forgetting curve
Long-term retention of learning is hard to achieve through one-off learning events/courses. That’s because, all too often, we forget what…
Station Rotation
Kasper Spiro
Rotate your classroom with Station Rotation Model
The Station Rotation model of blended learning has seen success & popularity worldwide. But what are the benefits & limitations…
benefits of blended learning
Kasper Spiro
6 benefits of blended learning and why you should use the approach
If you have been in the teaching/training/learning scene recently, you will know that everybody seems to be talking about blended…
How to brainstorm to develop a Lab Rotation Model
Kasper Spiro
Lab Rotation Model
Lab Rotation is a popular model of blended learning, allowing you to personalize learning. But what are the benefits and…
blended learning top tips
Danielle Agass
10 Tips for successful blended learning
A blended learning approach, as the name suggests, refers to the use of more than one method when delivering education…
blended learning best practices
Danielle Agass
Top 5 blended learning best practices
Blended learning is one of the most efficient learning and development strategies around. That’s because it gives learners the “best…
blended classroom
Kasper Spiro
What is a blended classroom and how to design it?
Research has shown that a blended approach to learning improves both quality and quantity. So what is blended learning and…
monthly training session blended learning
Danielle Agass
Monthly training session: Blended learning
In our latest monthly training session, we spoke with Electrolux and LECOM to discuss how they’re using a blended learning…
e-learning and blended learning
Danielle Agass
Adopting a blended learning approach: the why and how
Fundamental to the success of blended learning is successful e-learning (or online training) components. In this article, we’ll look into…
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